Telecom Structures

Engineered to TIA and CSA standards. Almvoy multi-sided monopoles offer modular height configurations that can be deployed to support multi-carrier loading.

Custom Equipment Platforms

Almvoy continues to manage the manufacturing of high volume platforms for HVAC equipment, enclosure platforms, generator platforms, and heavy equipment platforms.

Logan Series Modular Monopoles

The Logan Series is our most heavy duty pole structure designed for rural deployment. It comes in (4) modular heights to allow for future extension planning and ample load capacity. Design capacity and standard conformance.

Light Duty Micropoles

The light duty micropole is perfectly designed for urban deployment with limited real-estate. It comes in (3) modular heights for site specific height requirements. Design capacity and standard conformance.

Stealth Monopoles

The stealth flag pole is perfect for urban deployment that requires stealth network infrastructure. It comes in a max height of 120 ft configurable to customer requirement. Top canister spans 20 ft in height accommodating multiple rad levels. The stealth tree pole is perfect for rural forest deployment. It blends into any forest landscape.

Rooftop Transmission Structures

Almvoy offers a collection of non-penetrative rooftop ballast mounts for various antenna types and site locations. They range from heavy duty mounts able to support MW dishes for PTP transmission. As well as light duty ballast mounts able to support multiple LTE and 5G AIR antenna types